ALARMS HQ improves responder preparedness, mental health and wellness, safety, increases overall personnel engagement and reinvents the training experience. The ALARMS HQ platform includes the use of augmented reality and the practical use of data for mentoring, learning, and proactive health and wellness tracking of personnel. Our versatile technology solution is further strengthened through the creation of an ALARMS community where training and experience can be shared across the fire service.


Edit and train with multiple users

Testing scenarios

Simple workflows

AAR creator

Health and wellness tracking

Desktop and mobile

Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality

And more!

“My fire department hosted a Fire Captain's examination in September 2023. ALARMS assisted with creating the dynamic fire scenario and I was impressed. Their 3-dimensional landscapes, buildings, and lifelike fire illustrations provided a professional scenario that challenged promotional candidates. Their team was very supportive, creative, and beyond capable. ALARMS and the finished product exceeded all expectations.”

Dave Bray
Division Chief
Gold Ridge Fire District